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Omar Ayesh is Chairman of Nobles Investment, a holding company with interests in Nobles Properties and Winfooz among others.

Ayesh has established start-up success stories for over 30 years, beginning at the tender age of 17.  When he saw the opportunity selling a unique pen brand to fellow students during his free time. Since then his Social Responsibility initiatives have consistently proven to be game changers.

He established several pre-owned vehicle showrooms in the United Arab Emirates under one brand name. Al Andalus, something no one in the region had effectively done before. Which leads to be one of the area’s most profitable used car networks. He later sold before turning to full time property development.

His penchant for choosing only unique projects also helped make Tameer Holding Investments. It is a real estate company he established in 2003, one of the region’s most well-known brands in an exceptionally short period of time.

The company’s crown jewel was the Princess Tower, which, along with its unique eastern dome, made the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s tallest residential skyscraper. Ayesh personally directed the design and development of prominent projects like the Elite Residence, the Silver and Regal Towers along with other multiuse and industrial projects, leading to the company’s valuation in excess of $5 billion and the Gulf Marketing Review ranking it 3rd in its May 2007 issue. He left Tamer in 2008 to establish Nobles Properties, which has several developments in its portfolio.

Ayesh’s most recent venture is Winfooz, an automotive technology platform that will revolutionize the way vehicles are bought, sold and transported. Combining his knowledge of the automotive industry with a highly skilled team led by a rising star in the technology sector, the serial entrepreneur’s goal is to completely disrupt the vehicle transaction process.

Social responsibility is a prominent part of Ayesh’s world view.

He has allocated significant amounts of his personal wealth as well as through the companies he holds shares in to support a broad range of initiatives. These include vocational training, debt relief, microfinance, scholarships, refugee aid, and medical support among others. Ayesh studied Electronic Engineering and Business Management at Ajman University.

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Nobles Properties has provided hundreds of scholarships directly or through specialized institutions for above average, low income, orphaned and/or university students. It has also provided Social responsibility that support for vocational training and elementary school students as well those with learning disabilities.

Small Business

Nobles has funded numerous small business initiatives, helping them from the start-up stage through to profitability. These range from retail outlets to transportation facilities.


Nobles works with local non-governmental organizations as well as semi-governmental institutions in the Safe House Program to provide suitable accommodation for the most needy families. In cooperation with the non-governmental organization Sanahia Keram, which means “we will live with honor,” Nobles supports refugees through several initiatives.

Community Welfare

Ayesh has supported a broad range of initiatives aimed at helping social development and Social responsibility. Such as contribution to the King Hussein Cancer Centre, providing equipment to the emergency room via Nobles. Also it includes allaying some of the costs of patient care.

In addition, Nobles has a “debtor program” designed to rehabilitate heads of households and assist in alleviating their financial burdens.

Ayesh has even helped bring couples who cannot afford the costs together. Through Tameer he was a sponsor of Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s “Wedding of Hope” initiative in Dubai. And since 2015 Nobles has continued the practice through its Youth Wedding Program.

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